[Edit: Kavi is the writer!! Not me! This short story will never be as good as something he would’ve written. <3] I met his sister Meha freshman year of college, and we became closer and closer friends as the years in school went on. Eventually, Kavi joined U of M too. I assumed their sibling relationship would be like my family’s where you hide from each other if you accidentally showed up to the same party (you can’t be seen partying with your *younger_*sibling, right??), but no. They strangely enjoyed hanging out together A LOT. I was confused at first, but quickly realized that as they are two of the most amazing, outgoing, intelligent, and welcoming people on this planet, it made sense that they should have an overlapping circle of friends, and feed off each other’s social aptitude.

So, the parties came and went, graduation came and went, and they eventually both ended up in NYC – living together. (Again, WHAT SIBLINGS ARE SO CLOSE THAT THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE TOGETHER?? Love it, ya little weirdos.) Meha meets the tall, dark and handsome love of her life [enter Hardeep], and they get married surrounded by friends and of course family. It is there at the wedding, I believe, that Meha said “ok bro, Hardeep’s in, you’re out. I’ll give you 2 weeks to move your stuff…,” Tough love, Meha; tough love.

Kavi, heart-broken and confused, then turned to me, who had been lazily and unsuccessfully apartment searching in NYC for literally over a year, asked if I wanted to be the third wheel to a Kavi-David Riva bromance. I was honored, and of course accepted. Days went on, movie script pages were written, and then, Kavi met the love of his life. [Enter Kelly].

My first impression on Kelly was epic, and I’m sure it’s one of the reason we are still friends now. [Insert flashback; details I’ll only provide only in person.] Kelly is one of the smartest, prettiest, and tallest people ever. EVER. Apart from benefiting from her amazing personality, there were other perks to having Kelly around. Every time Kelly would visit, an Amazon box would appear at our apartment.

Kavi: “Oh Kelly mentioned she likes her coffee from a French press,” [French press appears 3-5 business days later.] Kavi: “Kelly has a lot of studying to do, and our kitchen chairs are too uncomfortable for her.” [New kitchen chair appears 3-5 business days later.] Kavi: “I need to test out this breakfast dish to make for Kelly when she visits; let me know what you think.” [Kristie, mumbling through mouth full: “dfelishious”]

Can’t lie, I loved living in the wake of a Kelly-visit!! But that’s just the kind of guy Kavi is. He is too generous to put into words, always thinking about everyone around him. He is inspirational even still, for all of us to introduce a “healthy amount of YOLO” into our lives, just like he did 🙂