HA! Kavi Shekhar Pandey was a man of many giggles. But his monosyllabic burst of joy, “HA!”, rings loudly and fondly in my memory. Will miss it. Actually it was kind of annoying but now that he is Gandhi status, I will remember it fondly forever.

But the real deal isn’t Kavi’s laugh. It’s that he MADE us laugh. An avid comedy fan, and even amateur comedienne, Shekhar was a bright bright spark, a warm bear of a personality, he made you smile, have fun, enjoy yourself, no matter what the situation. He was a man of mirth, of intelligence, and of good cheer. And those are rare traits indeed.


His giggle was like none other. I will never forget it. It was elusive (at least to me, although, maybe he didn’t find me all that funny), so when it was achieved, it was magnificent.

Super Science Girl