I remember one time after a Band Concert or something we were having food and [name redacted] was talking trash. Well Kavi called him out, [name redacted] freaked out and tried to tackle/restrain him. Kavi straight up Rafiki (from the Lion King of course) punched [name redacted] in the nose to get him off. If only “Let’s go to central park” had been there, he would have been so proud.

Captain Ft-Ft-Ft

Kavi was the first person I met before attending Michigan for undergrad. We met the summer before starting school while I was visiting family in Houghton where our serendipitous friendship unfolded (Kavi was actually forced to hang out with me by both our moms). He brought me to his friends house and introduced me to guitar hero and took me to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight. He was outgoing and kind and made me feel far less terrified to move to a state where I knew very few people. Upon arrival to Ann Arbor I started to rely on his crazy genius brain to help me survive learning C++ in engineering 101 and he graciously kept me afloat. He met my gaggle of brown girls (AKA my roommates and bffs) and instantly developed friendships with all of them individually. He could become close to anyone and I sincerely admire that about him. My roommates and I especially loved keeping tabs on Kavi’s love life-primarily because it was farrrrrrr more entertaining than any of ours. When I say entertaining I really mean-extreme? sincere? overthetopcrazy? When he loved someone he reallllly loved them. There really was no in between. Drama always ensued and there were many many many giggles. He blushed like a newborn baby and it was glorious. LOVE YOU FOREVER

Dr. Strangedoctor