Captain Shreytastic

One night while Shekhar was in New Jersey, we decided to go out to a few college bars. As the night progressed, I got a text from my best friend saying she was at our apartment when her ex decided to unexpectedly stop by. Naturally, she asked for backup and I was quick to respond. When I informed Shake of the situation, he was the first to get on board to help me fight off my friends needy ex! With the addition of NightWingDuck and rishilantern, the goon squad was ready to roll out! In the car, Shake was rallying the troops, ready to take down this no-good-dead-beat fool who was harassing a girl he barely even knew! Naturally, with a few drinks in them, they were more hyped than they needed to be but who was I to stop them. When we got to the apartment, I had my crew behind me, and upon seeing Shekhar’s very intimidating physique, the unexpecting ex made his exit. No sooner had he left the apartment was Shekhar sitting on the couch, giggling with rishilantern and NightWingDuck about god knows what. It’s a classic example of Shekhar’s selfless kindness and constant silliness. He was the kindest thug I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.