Square Man

In the glorious days of pre-school or Kindergarten was when I met Kavi. We ran many relay races and competed in many wrestling matches in his living room. We spent many hours after school trying to beat Donkey Kong Country on his Super Nintendo, and when we did, he got Donkey Kong Country 2 for us to try and beat. To this day, I am not sure if we actually beat that game. We hung out a lot in his basement playing with his action figures. Once his parents built the upstairs wing to the house, I remember watching many movies and having a lot of sleepovers. It was with Kavi that I first watched Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour and learned to appreciate the greatness that is Jackie Chan. Kavi’s love for movies started at a very young age and I told myself if there was one guy who would end up in movie production in Hollywood, it would be Kavi. How majestic was his giggle? His laugh could brighten anyone’s day; it was contagious and no matter how I was feeling at the time, it would never cease to make me smile and laugh along.