I don’t remember which Black Friday it was, but Kavi and I decided to wake up early for it. So I slept over at his house with the plan to wake up around 5 am and hit the stores.

We started playing one of the Halo games. Probably 3. And as the night worn on, we debated whether to sleep or keep playing. And the debate played out repeatedly exactly the same. Kavi would look at me and say “dude we need to get some sleep” and I would look back and same to him “nah man one more game” and he would look at me and grin sheepishly “ok one more game” and that is how we played “one more game” for roughly 5 hours until the crack of dawn when we finally left to for Walmart.

I believe he bought the Soprano’s Season 1 on DVD. I didn’t buy anything at all.