After Kavi accepted his offer from Accenture, we went out to Charley’s to celebrate at the end of one of our Daily nightsides. First Kavi insisted on buying me a fishbowl, arguing that he had to pay because he was an employed consultant now. Then he bought us some more drinks. And some food. And then we started chatting with some of the people around us at the bar, and Kavi insisted on buying drinks for them, too, so they could celebrate with us. And then some more people. And I think at one point we ran into Jake Smilovitz and Kavi bought him a drink, too. I think by the end of the night, half of Charley’s was with us celebrating employment and celebrating life. If I remember correctly, when the bill came it was near $150, which, if you’re familiar with Ann Arbor bar life circa 2012 (or was it late 2011?) is no small feat. And we thought it was the funniest thing, because we walked in this bar just two friends having a quick celebratory drink, and it somehow turned into a community party. But that’s what Kavi did.