Back in 2011, when the last Blockbuster stores were closing, Kavi and I took a little field trip off campus to buy title cards — you know those fake DVD covers they had for each movie? They were selling them at something like 5 for $1. We picked up some favorites (LOST, 30 Rock, The Social Network) and then started collecting the most random, stupid, off-brand movie titles we could find. I distinctly remember a documentary *about* ‘Twilight’ and ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua.’ After we were done working that night, we drove to North Campus to leave one of these covers at the dorm of Short Round. We got his address from the Umich Directory (thanks, go blue!) and waited for someone to let us into freaking Baits II, slid a cover (‘The Wicker Man,’ starring Nicholas Cage) under the door and then bolted for our lives. We kept sending and slipping covers to Short Round for years, and I started mailing them to Kavi after he graduated, even slipped one into his couch once. The good ones are still on display in my apartment and I think of him whenever I see them.