“Let’s go to central park.”

The one memorable moment that I still randomly think about (pretty much every other month) is when Mission Impossible 2 came out in theaters. And we found a sand pit – which, if my memory serves me correctly, Houghton is not known to have many – and tried to scoop a bb gun with our foot. (https://youtu.be/9Lu4jwOo3no). I just remember the cyclical thoughts of “this is awesome” and “we’re children but still way too old for this” going back and forth through my mind. And I know Kavi thought the same. Except we werent synchronized, so when one of us felt its futility the other kept insisting we continue. We did that for hours. Literally. And I’m pretty sure he brought his IMF briefcase to add to our emotional intensity.

IMF = Impossible Mission Force. Although my parents thought it meant international monetary fund and asked why I wasn’t as much of a genius as Kavi. In fourth grade. During our halloween days.