Kavi was the DJ for Sangeet so I sent him our mix. Not knowing if he would be really excited/confused about it, I gave him a description of why I picked each song and I reminded him a few too many times that this was a surprise and to be sure not to tell Meha ANYTHING. He didn’t respond immediately, but when he did, his email just said– “What do you think I am? A NARC?!” It made me laugh, and taught me to chill out a little.

But just a little… Never having gone to a Sangeet, I figured that anyone who danced practiced the dance months in advance. So, naturally, I had our India crew practicing the routine on the long bus rides from city to city. It was quite a sight when the bus with “TOURIST” on the front drove by and the American passengers were all busting out some Bollywood moves. When we got to Chandigarh, I was flattered when Kavi asked me to be in the brothers dance. And then I learned that Kavi was still figuring out his choreography and I needed to make up my own for my part. And, because he was running so much of the coordination of the wedding, we practiced the routine together ONE TIME! The only reason I somehow was okay with this is because of Kavi. He said it was fine, and I believed him even though I was way out of my comfort zone.